Three SEO Tips That Small Businesses Can Use For 2017

Do you currently use search engine optimization to generate traffic for your business? You may have a website that you have used for several years, and you would like to start generating more revenue. The best way to do this is to rank multiple pages for profitable keywords related to your business. Each one that you rank can drive hundreds of visitors to your website annually, allowing you to boost your profits. Here are three simple SEO tips that you will be able to use in 2017 for achieving many additional top positions.

How Easy Is It To Rank Pages On A Website?

It is actually quite easy to rank certain keyword phrases because they are longer than others. These are called longtail keyword phrases, keywords that are 4 keywords or longer in length. These are very specific searches that people will make an they are useful for local marketing or very specific products that you may sell. It is when you try to rank regular keyword phrases that are three key words or less in length that it becomes difficult.

How Can You Find The Best Keywords To Target

There are programs that you can use that will help you target very specific keyword phrases that have very few results in the search engine listings, but they are searched for quite a bit. This high demand will help you generate more traffic on your website, and you can do this quite quickly. You simply have to implement the following three search engine optimization techniques that will help you achieve these goals.

Use Video Marketing

You can use video marketing in two different ways. You will create a YouTube channel, create multiple videos targeting very specific keyword phrases, videos that will rank very easily. You need to make sure that your title, description, and the tags for each video have your target keywords. You will need to have a URL in the description so that people can click on it to go to your website. These will then be embedded in the pages or posts on your website so that you can improve your overall ranking. By using both of these strategies, you should have no problem at all getting traffic from both the videos and your improved rankings. You will then want to use another strategy which involves using the very specific content.

Unique Or Curated Content

The second strategy that must be used is posting unique content on your website that cannot be found in the search engines. If you write this yourself, or if you outsource this, it needs to be unique. The other option is using curated content which is similar to posting news articles on your website. Once this is done, your pages will begin to rank much more easily, allowing you to generate more traffic. One final strategy that you need to use involves building links. You must have links going to your website, and also those that are pointing away from your website, to get the best results.

Building Links To Improve Your Ranking

You can improve your ranking by adding outbound links to each page on your website that is pointing to a similar website online. These should already rank for the same keyword that you are targeting for that specific page. Additionally, you should add links on other websites pointing back to these pages. You could either exchange links or provide content for a website to use as a guest post. Contextual links work best, and as you start to build two or three for each page on your website, you will see the position of those pages move up in the search engine listings.

One Additional Strategy

Even though these three strategies will work well, you still need to take advantage of social media. For example, if you have a Facebook page, you can post articles on your Facebook page that will be seen by other people. If they like your post, they may actually share it. This will help you get more links from this social media platform. It also means that more people are likely to visit your website following the link directly.

All of these strategies can be beneficial when it comes to improving your rankings. You may find that some of your pages will rank in just a week or two. As long as you are consistently posting on your website, and using all four of these strategies, you will begin to generate more traffic every single day as a result of these internet marketing services in Naples. These are the strategies that are working best for 2017, helping you generate more traffic. You will eventually have a multitude of posts on your website ranking in top positions which can help you generate additional revenue.

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